Monday, June 11, 2012

Good article on the rights of citizens taping arrests...

Good article on the rights of citizens taping arrests...

What if we had drones 30 years ago...

I would wager that Mayor Goode would have liked to have drones.

From the Philadelphia Daily News May 8th Article Unsettled legacy of MOVE:

Police fired thousands of bullets at the MOVE house. MOVE was armed with a rifle, a shotgun, and two handguns, according to the weaponry pulled from the wreckage.

Even though the neighbors had seen the group carry tree trunks inside, police were dumbfounded to discover the place fortified from within.

At a midday news conference in City Hall, a grim Goode made his agenda plain. "We intend to evict them from the house. We intend to evacuate them from the house. We intend to seize control of the house," he said. "We will do it by any means necessary."

To knock out the bunker late in the day, police improvised on the spot. Using a state police helicopter, they dropped a satchel filled with four pounds of the military explosive C-4 and the commercial explosive Tovex onto the building's roof.

Though the bomb failed to destroy the bunker, it started a small fire. Police Commissioner Gregore J. Sambor and Fire Commissioner William C. Richmond then made the worst decision in a unbroken line of bad decisions: They let the fire burn.

Coming to an Airspace Near You

Coming to an airspace near you...pint sized drones.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Hate Lawrence O'Donnell

I hate Lawrence O'Donnell. He is an asshole here just like he was with Peter Schiff, just like he is with everyone because he is rabid on the topic of health care. This lady rips him to shreds without even trying. She was nothing but nice and polite and she destroyed him in the process despite his asinine lectures on his version of revisionist history. I just love when they get that look like they vomited in their mouth a little. And then notice the way he backpedals at the end when he knows he got in too deep, trying to save whatever face this narcissist thinks he has left.

He has a huge chip on his shoulder due to a traumatic experience in the 90s. He was a Democratic Chief of Staff on the Senate Finance Committee from 1993 to 1995, which happened to be when Hillarycare was defeated. On Morning Joe one can hear him talk repeatedly like it was a moral disaster. He's still "bitter" over that fight and it turns his "interviews" into sick spectacles whenever anyone gives this pompous ass a soapbox. The self proclaimed socialist, not in a Bernie Sanders way that seems to at least be rooted in good intentions, but in a smug condescending disgust at the prospect of people making decisions for themselves. He knows damn well that when government gets their foothold further into the industry they will just hemorrhage money while exploding costs. He wants the government to domesticate the "animals". When dogs are domesticated they lose many of their abilities to fend for themselves.

Employer provided health insurance in this day and age is inefficient. Most other goods and services have changed in the past fifty years. We are given more choices, Gatorade's gone from a handful of flavors to more than you can count. Technology has become more advanced and cheaper with more choices. Ebay, Amazon, and other internet sites have completely revolutionized certain aspects of commerce and have done wonders for small businesses all over the world. Everybody's got a cell phone and there are multiple ways to pay for your service with more phones than you can research buying. You can have cable, you can have FIOS, you can have Satellite TV with a myriad of options and packages, kind of like what you would need for health insurance, but people don't seem as interested in making those choices, most haven't had the opportunity because they only get a few options with employer provided insurance. Employer provided health insurance also locks some people into jobs. You cannot tell me that moving tax incentives from employers to individuals would not increase competition and actually lower costs, not some illusion based "reduction" of costs because the taxpayers aren't paying attention to the receipts. We cannot continue to be "out of sight, out of mind" on health insurance. We must be active in these very important life and death decisions. Who do you trust more at making these decisions, the government, your employer, or you? Free the consumer and we will have increased competition with the lower costs that competition brings.

Video Notes:
1:06 "Take it easy we're just going to go through some simple questions".
2:05 What is your income?
3:29 You're lying I know everything Obama has said.

3:59 Will you pull mom and dad out of the government funded system they paid for, which has done such a great job at controlling costs, and I am sure that the baby boomers getting older and going on medicare has nothing to do with costs, because costs are only highest in the last year of life. It's done wonders for competition, expanding it should work wonders.
4:11 You're 35 years old, why didn't abstract geopolitical questions interest you, but shit that has a direct effect on your life catch your interest?
6:29 Just some simple questions, granted they are ridiculously loaded.
7:17 Ok fuck the simple questions its lecture time lady.
7:40 Open your wallet Larry, be as generous as you are with other people's money.